Smile Design

Smile Design - Self Sensitivity

The key to self confidence, and reflection of positive energy starts with a smile.
If you also experience the problems below, you might need a smile design.
Do you hide your smile when your Picture is taken?

  • Do you cover your mouth with your hand when you are laughing?
  • Do you have decayed or filled front teeth?
  • Don’t you have White enought teeth?
  • Do you have space between your front teeth?
  • Does the size of your teeth bother your?
  • Does your gum show when you smile?
  • Do you have crossing teeth?
  • Do you like someoneelse’s look more than yours?
  • Do you miss your white teeth?

Factors that influence your smile:

Your gender, age, facial shape, lips, form and color of your teeth, gum, personality would effect your smile. Aesthetical smile is achieved not only with White and beautiful teeth but also with matching gum It is impossible to have effective smiles if a person has problems with gum. Gum bleeding, inflamation or unproportional gums will prevent aesthetical look..

The biggest problem among all is the unproportional gum when smiled. A short operation is done by gum disease experts protecting the gum and mucoza. Another problem is that when gum is defected the teeth would look longer than they are and because of the stem color they will have more yellowish and brownish color. That’s why gum defection would cause both aesthetical and anatomical problems. In both occasions, the aim is recovering the lost tissue and achieving more aesthetical and functional solutions.

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