Closure Defects


Orthodontia is diagnosis and treatment of teeth and face defects . This profesion finds solutions to malloclusion. It consists correctors such as brackets. The use of these equipment is as below;

• Adjusting the teeth

• Correcting mouth closures

• Closing the spaces

• Aligning teeth and lips

Orthodontia treatment helps jaw development in kids and aligning the teeth. As for adults, it corrects the crossing and closure difficulties.

Closure Defects

Most people has defects such as clasping teeth, crossing, and spacing between teeth. Some defects can cause aesthetical problems while some would cause speaking and chewing problems. Not all of these defects are genetically endowed. Some other reasons are as below:

Trauma: If teeth get damage, fell and later fixed again, it can weld to the bone. This is called ankiloz or abnormal welding of stem to the bone. If this happens to a little child, as the teeth will not be aligned it can cause biting problems in the future.

Sucking finger or using passifier: These habits can cause closure problems as upper teeth would close over lower ones.

Losing babe teeth early: if a child loses babe teeth early, permanent teeth may grow towards inside. Sometimes permanent teeth can be squeezed or only some part of it can come out. Permanent teeth can also move towards the babe teeth and prevent the other teeth to come out.

Early Treatment

Orthodontia can increase your willingness to smile in any age but for full treatment there is an optimum time. Starting the treatment at this period will result in successful consequences. and decreases the expenses and time to spend on it. American orthodontia union suggests that the treatment should start when the problem is diagnosed for the first time or before the age of 7. In this early age, orthodontical treatment may not be necessary however it is important to be alert to start in the right time.

What are the early Orthodontia examination benefits?

Early evaluation would both make the diagnosis of the problems on time and create the opportunity to start an effective treatment. On time intervention can prevent serious problems that can occur later.

Why 7 years old is optimum time?

Until the age of 7, the first adult molar teeth would come out and these would result in opposite bite. Orthodentist would evaluate the front and side, side to side relations of teeth. For example, the front teeth would result in overbite, not entire closure, crossing teeth or gum smile possibility. Early evaluation would increase the chance of a perfect smile.

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