Laser Tooth Treatment

Laser Tooth Treatment

Laser is one wave uniform of a light source with energy upload. It is the abbreviation of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This energy type which does not have the effect of cancer like ionized radiation has is used in medicine since 1960s. Recently the improvements in laser technnology has led to extended use of laser in different fields of medicine.

Developments in dental laser field created new generation laser equipments that result in effective treatments. Dental laser use is common in gum and jaw diseases, shaping the gum, cleaning the tooth stone, gum disinfections, buried wisdom teeth operations, implant placement, surgeries, and smile designs.These operations lead to faster treatment of the tissues when applied in little dosages.

There are two kinds of mechanisms that create the advantages of laser operations. In small dosage, increasing energy synthesis, laser accelerates the treatment. In higher energy levels, laser removes the cells vaporizing them fastly which leaves the healthy tissues behind as it does not harm the neighbor cells. For example the gum which is cut by luncet would cause damaged cells. Normally body should recover these damages first. However, when cut with laser there will be an opening that is left by vaporized cells on the tissue and next to that undamaged cells will sit which will cause faster recovery.

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