Lamine Dental Treatment

Lamine Dental Treatment

Porcelain laminate veneer crown:

It is an operation of coating the teeth after a slight corrosion on its surface. Since porcelain is prepared as a very thin layer, the emission and reflection of light is very close to the nature of the teeth itself. Thanks to this quality it provides a perfect aesthetic. Another asset of porcelain is that because the teeth is not cut too much in this operation it preserves it for a possible future treatment which is cutting the teeth entirely and plating it all with porcelain.

How long does porcelain laminate veneer crown treatment last?

  • In the first session patient history and habits are studied.
  • Necessary radiological examinations are held.
  • Photograph analysis is done.
  • Tooth color is determined
  • By composit filling the prospective look is shown to the patient
  • Without anesthesia the surface of the teeth are corroded slightly and measured.
  • The porcelain prepared in the second session is checked on the patient. If there is any modification needed, the patient is called for one more session. If there is no problem with the color, size and shape.
  • This session is also to check the gum match with the application.

Porcelain Laminate Veneer Crown care

  • Mouth wash should be used besides brushing the teeth regularly.
  • Front teeth bites should be avoided
  • Night guard should be used to prevent grinding and clunching
  • Nail eating habit should be quitted
  • Every 6 months check up visits should be followed.

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