Jaw Surgery

Soft Tissue Surgery

Jaw Surgery


Teeth pull out

Teeth that are buried with complications

Stem end resection

Implant surgery

Cyst tumors

Aesthetical surgery

Soft tissue surgery

Preprotetical surgery

Periodental surgery

Symptoms that require tooth pull out

In decays that can not be treated and restorated

Periodental issues

With infection or abscess on the tooth stems that can not be treated

For orthodontical treatment purposes

With broken stems that can not be fixed

Burned teeth issues

Important Follow up Steps after tooth pull out

The pad that is put on the open sore that tooth is pulled out should be kept there for an hour. After throwing away this pad, if there is no special warning from the dentist, the open sore should be taken care carefully.

No mouth wash with water for 24 hours

The sore shouldn’t be touched or sucked and patient shouldn’t spit for 24 hours

Until numbness is gone for 2 hours approximately, nothing should be eaten. After 2 hours wait time a warm and soft foods are recommended instead of hot food.

No smoking at least 24 hours, recommended 3 days after the operation . It may cause serious aches.

The open sore shouldn’t be used for 24 hours

If there is pain, a painkiller rather than aspirin is recommended. Please consult your dentist.

The open sore should always be kept clean.It is important to clean it out of food particals . A soft bristle toothbrush should be used.

Slight bleeding is normal upto 24 hrs . This blood should not be spitted out. It can increase bleeding if spitted because of the pressure. If there is over bleeding it is recommended to consult to the dentist.

It is recommended to consult to the dentist if there is inflamation.

Buried wisdom teeth (3rd molat tooth) surgery

The reason why molar tooth causes problems is that this tooth is no more needed genetically and our jaw gets smaller by time.

As jaws get smaller wisdom tooth can not find a place to come out . Pushing the one before it, wisdom tooth causes to crossing. Also because they are at the back and surrounding teeth gum do not have normal anotomical structure, they can get infection easily.

Entirely buried molar teeth do not cause problem in general. But they should be followed by Xray.

Entirely out wisdom teeth are difficult to brush because they are at the very back. They can cause crossing at the frontal teeth and also can cause periodental infection. It is recommended to pull out for patients who do not have teethcare necessarily.

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