Artificial Tooth Root

What is implant?

Dental implant is an artificial tooth stem made of appropriate material that is placed on the jaw bone to provide both functional and aesthetical teeth missing.

What are the benefits of implant application?

Implant treatment is a comfortable, durable and safe application. Prothesis applied on the implant substitutes the missing natural tooth by its natural structure. While missing teeth are replaced, healthy teeth are provided. Implants are longer lasting compared to all other prothesis types.

Are there types of implants?

Yes. After production of series, different types of implants are produced. The most common type that is used is the screw implant.

How long does implant treatment last for?

There are up to 40 years old clinics today that applies implant successfully. You can consult to your dentist for more information.

When should it be used?

When there is enough intensity of bone , even only one or two implants can be applied as long as the patient is willing to have.

Can all patients have implant?

Implant screws have various shape and sizes. That’s why the jaw bone to be applied should have the appropriate and necessary size to accept implant application. One of the factors that effect the success of the implant treatment is the current bone quality. Before implant is applied, gum should be healthy aswell. There is no age limit as long as the patient is healthy. Implant is not applied to young people who has not completed bone development yet.

Does it hurt during implant operation?

If necessary anesthesia methods are used, implant application occurs painless. It is up to the patient’s preference, both loca l or general anesthesia can be used. After the surgery, the patient would feel a pain as in tooth pullout. In general the night pain can be prevented by simple painkillers.
When the treatment results in success, the patients do not feel implants in their mouth.

How long does the treatment last?

Implant operations can last in 10 mins. Depending on your dental and bone structure, the time of operation changes. In general in the second month after the first operation treatment is completed. In this period you can use temporary prothesis.

Can prothesis be applied right after implant is placed?

To provide the integration of the implants with bone, minimal load should be on the implant. Your dentist can prepaare a prothesis in this period. Later on when permanent implants are placed, the operation will end.

Does the care of implant important?

Yes. It is very important to take care of the implants. Cleaning implants are not different than cleaning your own teeth. You should keep in mind that for a successful treatment, mouth and teeth care is the most important factor.

What kind of prothesis are applied on implants?

The implants to be applied vary according to the story of the patient. They are designed accordingly to be able to take out and clean in a practical way. Your dentist will inform you about the best treatment option with its advantages and disadvantages.


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