Esthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry and Advantages

Aesthetic Dentistry 

An artist would complete what the nature lacks. The basic of aestetics is beauty. Beauty is a value that depends on an era, society, people, age, profession, social and psychological situations. One would live with the values that are accepted in the real world. There are truth values that shapes our knowledge, some good values that makes our morals, some usefulness values that determine our economic and practical life and values of beauty that forms the aesthetic understanding in our life.

The beauty in the nature mostly depends on symetry. Livingthings for example, has right and left symetry. In our world everything seems to be mixed. But if there is a unity, there will be harmony, power, and beauty.

When we emphasize the importance of mouth health and dentistry care we should also consider aesthetic aspects since both have an impact on one’s psychological and physiological health. One of these physiological aspects is appreance.
Crossingv teeth ,seperate, decayed, missing, stained, cracked teeth will affect smile and appearance. A person who has self confidence would smile confidently but when he can not, it makes the social interaction difficult.

The best aesthetic look is the closest look to the natural.The operations that are done appropriately are the ones that match with facial shape, skin color, and smile.

The materials developed in dentistry are designed to achieve the most natural look. Therefore, the best result is indespensible with a professional touch.

Front teeth restorations:

The diestema may result in deprive of self confidence in many people.
With the help of developed aesthetical materials the diestema can be corrected in 1 or 2 sessions without giving any harm to the teeth’s nature. We shouldn’t forget that our teeth are not only part of our face but also integrity with life. Broken teeth that are result of a trauma can get its natural look in one session with aesthetical materials.

Teeth that are different in shape and size can be corrected in one session. Teeth that changed color because of inner, outsider affects or old fillings can be whiten and they can have their natural color with restorative materials.


If there is some component loss in teeth, filling is necessary. It is usually applied to the back molar teeth. Fillings are not only aesthetic for look but also durable to the chewing pressure and a safe long term treatment.
Creating an appropriate cavity is the main point in fillings. The natural look before decaying should be achieved also with filling. The type of filling depends on the teeth that it is applied.
Molar teeth use more chewing force than other teeth. Therefore they need more durable material for filling. Sometimes front teeth also may loose its components and need filling applications.
The most common filing material used to be silver amalgam for molar teeth however they were not aesthetical enough.

Porcelain fillings are preferred instead of amalgams because they look more aesthetical and useful.
Porcelain filling is a type of filling that is developed to protect the healthy tissue of the teeth after an intense component loose.

In the first session the measurement of cavities that are formed without doing any harm to the healthy part of the tooth is sent to the labs. Porcelain filling is prepared according to the cavity measures for the missing part of the tooth. In the second session the filling prepared is applied to the cavity.This porcelain filling which has the same hardness as the tooth will prevent the cracks that result from biting and make the tooth as healthy as before. Thanks to its natural tooth color, the filling is not recognized with bare eye.
Nowadays, fillings are made so as to match with the tooth color that are appropriate to the tooth form. In these fillings staining from smoking or similar coloring forces is prevented as well.
Patient uses these healthy and aestetical fillings for long time as if they don’t have any fillings.

It is a protetic work done on slight corrosion of the frontal part of the tooth by applying thin layer porcelain material. Since porcelain is prepared thin its emission and reflection of light is very close to the natural tooth’s. Hence, it is aesthetically very well applied. Another advantage is that the tooth is not cut too much letting for a future operation of porcelain coating.

How long Porcelain laminate veneer crown treatment last?

• In the first session, patient habits are reviewed.
• Necessary radiological examination is done.
• Photograph analysis is done
• Tooth color is determined.
• Wth the help of composit fillings, the future look of the tooth is shown to the patient
• Without anastesia on the surface of the tooth is corrupted slightly and measured.
• In the second session prepared porcelain laminate veneer crowns are rehearsed on the patient. In this session color, fit, shape is checked and if there needs to be any more modification , the patient is called for one more session. If not the fillings are applied and patient is called for a third session to check up.

• Gum adaptation of the filling is also checked.

Porselen laminate veneer crown care

• Toothbrush and mouth wash use
• No bite on crunchy food with front teeth
• Use of night guard for clenching and grinding teeth during sleep
• Quiting the bite on nail
Check up every 6 months

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