Child Dentistry

Child Dentistry


The prior aim of pedodontia is to be able to lead a healthy and interactive communication. The first session is about introducing dental care and informative talk to the child. In the following sessions with tell-show-apply method, children are treated with the appropriate equipments. 

Our pedodentists are able to treat all dental operations such as fillings, teeth pullouts, and other periodental treatments.
From infancy to the childhood, a child’s all protective treatments are done by pedodontists.

Protective Treatment 

As in each field, protective treatment is very important in pedodonti. Regular dental care, correct brushing and eating habits will ensure life long healthy teeth.

Teeth care is also important for milk teeth. If not taken care of regularly, milk teeth can get decay. Losing milk teeth early causes crossing teeth. That is why it is important to take children to dentist when they have the milk teeth. Fluorine application and isolation fillings are some of the protective methods against teeth decay. It can be used to solve orthodontia problems that effects facial look.

Besides treatment of the current problems, protective treatment also aims to prevent problems before they occur. With regards to that, protective treatment would prevent some diseases by good nutrition. 
In addition to that it provides; less pain, shorter and more simple treatments, less expense, and better smiles.

Fluorine Application: Use of fluorine reduces the decays to a great extend.
Periodical check-ups: thanks to the computerized tracking system, patient appointments are followed systematically. Use of laser to diagnose possible problems also enables identifying the not diagnosed , very minimal decays. Also the panaromical xray can be very important to detect cases requiring early action.

Crack coating: This treatment is used before a decay occurs. It is a protective and preventive treatment. The researches show that %90 of decays occur on the surface of the teeth. When molar teeth come out they are vulnerable and weak as they don’t become calcific immediately. These covers coat the cracks that food particals sit therefore prevents the risk of decaying immediately.

Correspondings: It is a corresponding material to protect the place of early lost milk teeth. Losing milk teeth early can cause functional and aesthetical problems besides developmental problems. Milk teeth guide the permanent teeth and if lost untimely teeth would grow randomy and crossing problems occur. Therefore periodical check ups should be done during primary school years for development and decay tooth folllow-up.

Well balanced nourishment: Nutrition is directly related to decay occurance. It is important to follow what and how often children eat. Having carbonhydrate rich food with main dinners is healthier for teeth than having these kind of food (pasta, fries,cips,chocolate, candies, cookies) during the day.

Suggestions For Children’s Mouth And Teeth Health 
Mouth and Tooth care in children can be studied in three phases 
1) 0-6 aged: Milk Tooth Series Phase: In approximately 6 months, firstly often in down frontal parts they come out anda re completed at the age of 3. In this phase 20 milk teeth come out symetrically. During milk teeth period , it is important to take precautions against baby bottle decay type. Milk teeth are also have an effect on children’s speech, sound and eating functions. That’s why milk teeth pull out during this period shoul be delayed with an alternate treatment.

2) 6-12 aged: These are the ages that both molar, sharp and permanent teeth are being completed. By time children replace milk molar teeth with small permanent molar teeth.

3) Age of 12 and later on: This period is when the milk teeth are completely fell and when the permanent teeth are placed.

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