Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Bad Breath and Treatment

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

What is Bad Breath?

If more than one person can observe that a person has a bad breath and it occurs for months continously or time to time, eventhough the person is not aware of that this clinic figure is called ‘bad breath’ problem.

What are the types of bad breath?

Type 0 Bad Breath:

It is the normal morning bad breath which everybody can experience to some extend. It can not be treated, even if it could that would occur later again.

Type 1 Bad Breath:

Tongue surface is not smooth. The bacteries that sit in the cripta cavities would split the proteins that come from food or salivary into composites of volatile sulphur . The reason of bad breath is these volatile sulphur compounds. There are dozens of VSB gas that causes bad breath. The most frequently observed ones are stated here.

Type 2 Bad Breath:

This type of bad breath occur mostly by the back of tongue but the source of bacteria is not the mouth itself but the sinus, tonsils, throat and related textures. Especially in kids it is often observed with type 1. bad breath. In our society, there are many people who experience type 2 bad breath.

Type 3 Bad Breath:

When digestive enzymes and organs can not digest the nutritions appropriately nutritions are left to decay by bacteries. Therefore the gases that occur in the digestive channels would rise to the mouth. The person do not need to burb.The gases would rise in 0.68 ml/min. while seated, and 0.12 ml/min.lying.

In this type of bad breath, if gastroozefajial lid is loose it might cause worse breath. Especially with age, the occurance of these types of bad breath will increase.

Type 4 Bad Breath:

This type of bad breath comes from lungs. It is not bad breath, its breath odor. It occur in two different ways. First one occurs as a result of an infection ( pneumonia, bronchitis etc.) and bad odor gases that mixed with expiration air. The second one is the transformation of blood gases whose chemistry changes into compounds. The very examples of this is in diabetics and gut patients, after narcosis and during pregnancy. This kind of breath odor does not respond to the bad breath treatment. It doesn’t recover no matter what treatment is done in the mouth because neither the source nor the reason of odor is in the mouth.

Type 5 Bad Breath:

This type of bad breath patients think they have bad breath but there is no measurable patological odor that can be diagnosed in their mouth. These kind of people are too considered of others, intraverted and emotional in general. This type can be diagnosed by misleading questions. The treatment is very difficult and should be supported with psychological consultancy.

What are the reasons of bad breath?

If there is mouth dryness Type 1 bad breath would be diagnosed.

Sleeping open mouth, lack of salviya, after radiotheraphy, and alchol use .

If there is a germ source in the mouth that bacteries lodge, type 1 bad breath can occur.

The germ sources are:

Under the body of tooth bridge


Decay cavity

Wisdom teeth end

Not cleaned prothesis

People with farenjit, tonsillit and sinusitis can have type 2 bad breath. They might not be aware of this.

People with Postnazal dripping and allergic reactions may have type 2 bad breath

Patients of gastritis and reflu may have type 3 bad breath.

Patients with digestion and enzyme deficiency may have type 3 bad breath. This kind of patient might have stomache burns, indigestion, gas problems.

All kind of patients with metabolic (diabetics, guy, nefropathy) problems that can change blood biochemistry and blood gases.

People who eat the same food type everyday can have type 3 bad breath. These patients can be diagnosed only by anemnesis.

Pregnants may have type 4 bad breath.

People fasting may have type 4 bad breath.

Lung infection patients would have type 4 bad breath.

What is the treatment for Bad Breath?

Hygiene of the patients is improved.

All surfaces that can carry bacteries are cleaned. All parts should be cleaned so as not to keep bacteries. Most common problem is the tooth bridge body.

Brushing training. Daily tongue brushing is encouraged.

Take out the bridges. Many bad breath problems occur because of the bridges.

Not only before going to bed but also after breakfast, teeth should be brushed.

Toothbrush type:

  • Rare bristle
  • Mid. Hard
  • Small

Patients with bad breath should use toothpaste with zinc. There are 4 kinds of toothpaste with zinc in markets.

After brushing the tongue, an antiseptic mouthwash can be used.

After each toothbrushing, tongue should also be brushed. Toothbrush should be used from back to front and softly.

Antiseptic mouth wash should be non alcoholic and non anti-inflamatuar.
There is only one mouth wash in our farmacies with these specifications. Others are not recommended for bad breath.

Salty water can also be used instead of antiseptical mouth wash except for hypertension and liver patients.

Patients are recommended to chew gum with zinc for 1-8 week. There are two kinds of chewing gum with zinc.

This kind of treatment will cure the type 1 bad breath and can be effective on type 2 patients.

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