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What are the benefits of implant application?

Implant treatment is a comfortable, durable and safe application. Prothesis applied on the implant substitutes the missing natural tooth by its natural structure. While missing teeth are replaced, healthy teeth are provided. Implants are longer lasting compared to all other prothesis types. 

Is scaling harmful to teeth?

Scaling is the process of cleaning dental calculus and the bacterial plaque and also first step of the periodontal traetment. İt’s so important to keep your teeth and gums healthy. So scaling is not only harmful but also a necessary procedure for your complete oral health.

How long can I use dental implants?

In researchs there are cases which have a succesfull usageof more than 30 years. There ara so many factors that can affect the implants. İf the essential care of the implants continue properly they can serve you for a lifetime. You can learn more about the care of implants from your dentist.

What can I do if I don’t have enough proper bone for implants?Is the only solution removable dentures?

Due to surgical and technical devolopments various solutions are achieved for bone loss. we can use biomaterials to maintain a new bone level that the implants cen be applicated. for some cases in which there is no possibility for bone augmentatio, further methods like all-on-four should be considered.

How long does the bleaching process keep my teeth whitened?

In some situations like florozis and tetracycline staining blaeching (or tooth whitening) has no effect. For regular bleaching process stains can reappear within the first few months up to two or three years of treatment. İn order to maintain your whitened smile longer it’s important to be in cooperation with your dentist.

Can all patients have implant?

Implant screws have various shape and sizes. That’s why the jaw bone to be applied should have the appropriate and necessary size to accept implant application. One of the factors that effect the success of the implant treatment is the current bone quality. Before implant is applied, gum should be healthy aswell. There is no age limit as long as the patient is healthy. Implant is not applied to young people who has not completed bone development yet.

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